About the Artist

The artist – Swadeka Ahsun, BA,MA, FRSA

Swadeka ahsun is an international artist, having exhibited in the UK, Europe, Middle-East, the Gulf and had been invited in Mauritius where she was born to display her artworks. She won a few prizes as well and her works are in collection at home and abroad. She has given interviews on various media subjects and on community issues.
Swadeka’s works depict various aspect of Islamic art. She painted on various sizes and some large canvasses in single and multiple colours. Most of her artworks had been inspired by Islam, its cultural heritage, its splendour, its glorious achievement of the renaissance and the symmetry of Islamic architecture. She had done portray of nature in various adaptation of landscape and portray. Her works as well range from traditional Islamic patterns and geometric imagery. Given the supreme importance of the words of God as set down in the Quran and its transmission throughout the Islamic world, the traditional emphasis upon the primacy of the written word serve to elevate Arabic Calligraphy into pre-eminent form of artistic expression, a level it never attain in some other traditions.

Islamic Calligraphy, within the interactions with the Western developments help stimulate stylistic innovations. Her own practice is situated at the cutting edge of the modern calligraphic styles in the visual arts that incorporate contemporary ideas and Western Media. Swadeka use bright acrylic washes on the canvass which is created by the brush as well as the reed and the pen. As poetry is the very essence of the Arab World and Islam, which sometimes is expressed in culture and history, Swadeka tried to use poetical rhythm in some of her works. She enhanced her ideas and multiply it in various techniques and approaches, painting and drawing, printmaking and mixed media. Swadeka has made use of colour with sobriety and intelligent swift.
Swadeka art take various forms, like Calligraphy and Islamic geometry. Islamic geometry help in making graphic elements and patterns. The study of sensible geometry lead to skill in all practical arts, while the study of intelligible geometry lead o skill in the intellectual art, because the science is one of the gate through which humanity move to the knowledge of the essence of the soul.

Swadeka has made use of vibrant colour compositions, cosmic metaphors and imagery as well as fantastic landscapes and sceneries, and attempted to find synthesis between modern painting and traditional painting. Through her personal development and research, she developed interest in the renaissance, and welcome new ideas and breaking new grounds. She worked with new experimentation and techniques, freely mixing them with whatever way, therefore advancing the vitality of some of her paintings.
The foreground of dappled colours, flickering brushwork, washes create tremendous feeling of surging movement. The textures of some of her sceneries has come as important ingredients. This is noticeable in the works of some of her sceneries, such as ‘spiritual garden’, or ‘meditation by the sea’. Swadeka take great pain in portraying seductive movements of transition like ‘gazing in the spiritual garden’, or the autumn scene etc. Most of her paintings and works have elements of composition, light, colour, technique as well as atmosphere beautifully joised.

Swadeka worked hard and strive under the pressure to move to new horizon and felt excited by the challenge that had come on her way.

At present, Swadeka had been engaged with Creative Europe, working together as partner with other Member State of the European Union in various projects, designed to support the work of the European Commission. The works has een designed in various models and is targeted to reach a wide audience in various artistic ability, heritage, promoting world cultures and the arabesque
Swadeka having already won various awards in the past most recently won the Muslim News Award 2016, the Alhamra Award for her artistic contribution around Europe and internationally.
She is a member of the Royal Society of Art